Posted by: 1of10boyz | February 5, 2014

I’ve been divorced four times, but homosexuals are the ones destroying marriage

Equality. What is it that makes marriage an equality issue? What is it that makes love an equality issue? Are marriage and love even talking about the same thing? Too easily confused in my opinion that marriage is the equal to love when by definition it is not. Marriage is a sanction that was originally defined by religion that was taken by the government. There are lots of places and people that don’t get married by governments or by religion or by both. There are places where the government marriage is strictly separate from the religious marriage. Where the religious marriage may or must occur AFTER the government marriage. I won’t be too surprised to see this separation occur in the US if the States lose the right to define marriage based on the residents of the state’s desire. Still believe that the 10th Amendment is the key to this argument. There is no right to marry, it is not inalienable and it is and historically has been controlled and restricted by religions and governments. That needn’t change now because someone doesn’t feel included.


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