Posted by: 1of10boyz | March 5, 2014

Do you think you are funny?

A friend at work sent me a business card from a place that he had gone to eat here locally, it was a North Korean style restaurant. This part of China is roughly 200 miles from the Korean Peninsula and so there is some Korean influence and many Koreans do live in the area from what I have been told.

I guess I was just in one of “those” moods because here was the first thought that came to me.

So, is that like a Chinese restaurant only the portions are smaller? (You know playing on the whole starving nation thing.)

My neighbor in the cube next to me pipes up and says: oh no, the restaurant is also colder than a Chinese restaurant (we don’t really heat restaurants here because that would be too expensive, drink some liquor if you want to feel warm).

Others joined in and found humor in the differences that we would expect from the regime across the Yellow Sea from us. We all had a good laugh.

I guess I will have to go and try it just to see for myself. I am told that they have lots of unique foods which of course peaks my interest when you consider that we eat starfish, horseshoe crabs,  and sea cucumbers; if those are normal North Korea is going to have to be mighty creative to surprise me.

Yes, I know they look a little like poo.

Yes, I know they look a little like poo.


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