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Important Things in Life – Part 5 – My Conclusions

This is the Conclusion to the topic of The Important Things in Life that I have learned from living with that monkey, George, on my back. These are the links to Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

As important as Character, Decisive, and Persistent are they are not what is most important in life. I learned from George that the important things in life are the people that are around you, your family and friends. The quality of life and the things you need to be successful should never take away from what really matters. The really important things in life are part of how you live it and the perception of what you think you should be doing in it.

Remember that “No success can compensate for Failure in the Home”. No matter how much you focus on these categories 1) Character, 2) Decisive, and 3) Persistent if you fail your family you will never really be happy. You will have a longer list of regrets about what you did wrong in your home than you will ever have for the work that you did, the places that you did or didn’t go, or the myriad of other things in your life. Remember that the focus should always be bigger than the pile of carbon and water that amounts to you. Your legacy will likely only be as big as your own family. Give them the best of everything in your life, but most especially give them the best of you. Give them the best you that you can be. The best you will be one that uses everything in the categories to show the love and concern that you have for them. When you are the best you that you can be you really will become like the Savior. When you struggle to reach for that pinnacle and that ultimate Example, remember that you will always have Him to get you beyond that point where it is humanly not possible to go. That is the real key to it all, doing everything you can and then trusting that Jesus Christ will make up for all of the short comings. He will fill the gap.

I would tell you that the priorities in Life should be Family, God, and Work. If you believe as I do that the family is the basis of heaven (we call God our Heavenly Father for a reason; don’t you think). Then the greatest way that we can serve God is to make our Family ONE in purpose and action. In order for us to truly serve God we should make our family one where He would feel welcome and would feel comfortable. If we love God with all of our heart and mind, then our relationship to our family will be totally Christ-centered and of the highest order. When our family is “THAT” kind of family, then we really are making God a priority.

So, there it is; the important things in life and you know what? I didn’t prioritize the categories. I put them in the order that I think they happen. You really can’t keep your resolve without knowing how to make decisions or why one decision matters anymore than another without knowing what kind of character you are going to be. No matter how great your decisions are if you don’t follow through and persist until they are finished it won’t matter what decision you made.

You don’t have to have a personal crisis to make any of these decisions about your character, or about the choices you will make, or whether you will stick to that defined perception of who you are and the resolve that goes with it. You don’t need to have your own George to realize that you have to make changes in your life. You do need to want to be different and you do need to evaluate how and where you want to be different than you are. Then you have to begin the process of changing where it is necessary.

I admit that I will probably work on this list again. It was a good exercise in deciding what was and is really important to me. I acknowledge the influence in what went into this list of categories from many different authors and many different things that I have read and experienced. I was most recently influenced by the following articles. I hope that you will take time to follow the links and see if you can begin to work on the list of what the important things in life are to you.

Focus and Priorities by Dallin H. Oaks

Balanced Priorities by L. Tom Perry

Balance Life’s Demands by M. Russell Ballard

What will you Choose by Russell M. Nelson

Living Life by Richard G. Scott


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