Posted by: 1of10boyz | April 4, 2015

A General Conference Quote a Year from President Boyd K. Packer

I think this is interesting.

My Best LDS

President Boyd K. Packer was sustained to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in April of 1970. This year marks 45 years he has served as an apostle of Jesus Christ. Pres. Packer was 45 years old when he was called, so he has now been an apostle for half his life. To honor this anniversary, here are 44 Boyd K. Packer General Conference quotesone from each year he’s been an apostle. I believe I speak for millions of people when I say, “We love you, President Packer!”

The dates are linked to the talks; click on the dates to go to the whole talk.

“In all of this, let us remember that there is an adversary who personally seeks to disrupt the work of the Lord. We must choose whom to follow. Our protection is as simple as deciding individually to follow the Savior, making certain…

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