Posted by: 1of10boyz | June 3, 2015

A Town Called Paris

I Love my wife. She is a good sport, she is a little gullible but she knows it and occasionally I have played a joke or two on her. I have a story to tell of one of the first little jokes I played on her.

Would believe it?

Thirty years ago today, June 3rd 2015, we made a short trip to Paris. It really was a short trip, in fact we drove there. Really we did. Of course the Paris I am talking about happens to be the County Seat of Bear Lake County Idaho, yes Paris, ID. It was actually a pretty important trip for us; we went there to get our Marriage License. In just 9 days we are going to be celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary.

So we both took some time off from work so that we could go get our marriage license in Idaho because we were to be married in Idaho Falls, ID. Paris ID is about a half hour closer than Idaho Falls from Star Valley, WY so it made sense to make the trip to Paris instead. Besides how many more people would be impressed if you say you got your marriage license in Paris? I mean if you don’t tell them it was Idaho, they just might assume it was the one in France.

We arrive at the little place where we have to go to get the license. It is a historic building, meaning it was old and worn out, and we take a number so we can get our turn to see the person that is supposed to issue the license and then take a seat in the waiting area. While I am sitting there I see a sign on the opposite wall that says something like this:

If you are under the age of consent you must have your parents signature on the marriage license.

Now I am almost 22 at this point but my dear bride to be is about 3 weeks from her 21st birthday. It hasn’t been so long then when the drinking age was raised from 19 to 21 so my deviant little mind schemes a plan.

I, in a very serious tone, ask her if she has read the sign. She hasn’t and after she reads it I tell her that I think it means that we have to have one of her parents present in order to get the marriage license. Her face tells the horror that she just realized. No marriage license.

Now, I don’t know what the age of consent is in Idaho in 1985 but am I certain that it is much younger than 21, I mean they let kids get drivers licenses there at 14.

I can’t keep a straight face and have to giggle a little and tell her she is nearly an Old Maid in Idaho, she is way past the age of consent and we don’t need any parental permission.

I guess she should have realized right there what she was getting herself into and made a dash for the door. Sure glad she didn’t, my life would have been different if she had. She has suffered through 30 years of my twisted humor and jokes. I love her more today than I ever imagined possible back there in Paris sitting on a hard wooden bench in a court house built way back when in a back water town called Paris.

Would you believe this one?

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