Posted by: 1of10boyz | June 15, 2015

Joseph Smith and the Polygamy “Scandal”

I like the cartoons and the stories that go with them. He gets a little more serious today with his story but you may like it.

Perils and Pitfalls

I wish to tell a short story. There once was a man with a beard.


He was a lunatic! An utter lunatic. He hung out in the desert, he mixed with a bunch of unsavory characters, he even physically assaulted people in houses of worship. Women especially seemed to fall under his spell. In some instances, he was discovered to have advocated for REVOLUTION against the government.
Thankfully the authorities arrested this man, and he can no longer trouble us or society at large with his dangerous and psychotic ideas. We are better off without him.
I’m not talking about Charles Manson. I’m talking about Jesus Christ. The problem with popular culture and society in general is their inability to distinguish between the two. One was a legitimate lunatic who deserves to serve time in prison, the other was the Savior of mankind. Be careful who you listen to.

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