Posted by: 1of10boyz | June 26, 2015

On Death and The Atonement.

Life is short.

I like tacos and testimonies.

People die every day – this is not news to anyone. But I feel like it slips our minds that we can, and people do, die. We expect our parents and friends to be there forever. We don’t think about them leaving us on earth, or at least I don’t. But this week, I feel like every time I opened my facebook app someone else had someone they care about pass away. They had posted beautiful words about how marvelous these people were, and how they lived wonderful lives. Some passed unexpectedly, others had been ready to go. Either way: it is still hard to lose a loved one.

In my own experience, I haven’t lost a lot of people. I lost a close friend in high school. He had been diagnosed with cancer 2 months into our junior year. We lost touch after he was too sick to go…

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