Posted by: 1of10boyz | October 20, 2015

Still Struggling with Doubts? Five Friendly Suggestions

I have wondered many times what recommendations to give when people have come to me expressing doubts about sacred beliefs. My personality tends to make those answers less thoughtful and often shallower than they should be. Too often I want the problem to be solved quickly so I can move on to solving the next problem.
Questions about sacred items and testimonies deserve more thoughtful answers than what I often give. I have learned to spend more time thinking about things and the perspective of others before providing my feedback, council, or recommendation.

Mormonism: Really Want to Know?

If the last General Conference conveyed anything to me, it was that there continues to be a real concern about member of the Church losing faith, particularly as access to information critical of the Church becomes increasingly and more easily available.  As a parent and a seminary teacher, I have become well-aware of the effect that the Internet is having on the testimony of some members, especially the youth, whose testimonies have had less time to develop and may be more easily choked by weeds of misinformation.  As someone who has wrestled at times with doubt, I’d like to offer five suggestions that have helped me to deal with the discordant voices of those critical of our faith.

  1.  SLOW DOWN.  Impatience is one of the most powerful enemies of spiritual development.  On the one hand, we want testimonies to come quickly, preferably with lots of bright lights, trumpets and…

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